This is a distillation of experience.
We just want to emote ‘til we’re dead. I know we suffer for fashion or whatever. We don’t want these days to ever end. We just want to emasculate them forever. Forever, forever.

— Of Montreal, “Suffer For Fashion”

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Watching House Hunters International calms me.

Babs, Mitzi, and I would like to move to Berlin.

10-year-old Macy Friday meets Hillary Clinton

10-year-old Macy Friday meets Hillary Clinton

At work sometimes I think of you
And how pointless it is to think of you.
Uninspired, your dream of living on a boat-
Everyone has imagined living on a boat.

You’re so fucking boring, and I fuck you -
Because I’m boring bored bored.

Oh, man, yeah - having PMS totally sucks.  I mean, I’m more aggressive, and I get my needs met, like, right away.  I indulge myself in every craving - martini, french fries w/tartar sauce, ice cream.  I crawl into bed early in the evening and let myself drift in and out of sleep.  The cats curl in my corners.  Oh, wait - PMS is kind of great.  Who’s the queen?  Me.

the real question was whether there was anything to become - and how.

nancy k. miller in but enough about me, what do you think of my memoir  (via karaj)

true. it often seems like there’s nothing I want to be.

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Come 5pm I’m going to make this a Martini Monday.

There are actually adults who don’t bother flushing the toilet before using a toilet brush.  This in a house where the toilet isn’t flushed unless it’s pooped in (saving water, yo).  The results include dried toilet paper on the brush and urine water in the basin of the brush holder.  This is most definitely a first-world problem of little import, but one I felt it necessary to share, out of frustration with my roommate’s cleaning habits.