This is a distillation of experience.

I would certainly smoke weed if I had it.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs, “Our Time”

"No one enters the therapist’s office whose adaptive strategies are still working.  One enters therapy precisely because they have failed.  One finds oneself making self-defeating choices in spite of the best of motives; suffering the recurrence of primal wounds such as abandonment or overwhelment, retreating before the insurgencies of the Self whose displeasure is expressed in depression, phobias, addictions and the like.  Dragged, as it were, to face oneself, one is forcibly positioned where the Self may be heard."

~James Hollis, The Eden Project: In Search of the Magical Other

Pictures I’ve taken over the past month+ that I am just posting now because I finally found the camera cord.

Of all the themes of Catholicism, I like resurrection best.  We all want to rise again.  Not from death, necessarily, but our own crucifixion.

me: I love you.

you: I love you.

me: Hey, can you promise me one thing?

you: Sure, anything.  What is it?

me: Please, never drink the last beer I have in the fridge or pour the last glass from my bottle of wine.

After the SAM

Miró is the same as all the rest.